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We’re Finally Online!

Its been a long time coming but We finally have our website back up and running, at least partially. I am convinced that those who build web pages earn every penny they make. While I know some Greek and can’t say its all “Greek to me,” those who know how to write code are writing in a language that is as foreign as Russian or Mandarin to me.

I had help with a guy named Alex from Godaddy Web Builders, based in Arizona, who counselled me for almost three months. He sounded like a Dr. Doogie Houser. It took a whole lot longer than the tree months that we paid for this counselling…..Alex was very patient, and he took the time to call me on his own time to help me get a grip on the challenges of building a website. I am still no expert, but I am at least versed in getting a blog or two online for you to read. Now comes the challenge though. Keeping the page updated!

For a number of months now, I have been challenged in getting the new website put up online, so it has just been sitting around in some cloud somewhere until today. I called the folks at Go-daddy where we store the site and a wonderful guy named Christopher out in Oklahoma or Iowa, or one of those Midwest states got our site up and running in minutes. He told me he sees this work at home deal really great, because he has been able to spend a lot more time with his family! Chris is now even a member of our Facebook Group!

I have to teach Barbara (my administrative assistant) how to do it so that she can keep the calendar up to date and add things as they come up. This will indeed be a challenge for me. I think Barbara will catch on easily once she sees the basics of how it is done. I still don’t know all of the terminology but I am better at calling a button what it is rather than a “thingy dingy.”

I hope that we will get better and better at using this as a tool for everyone to be informed on a regular basis and to communicate with us as well anything you wish or need. Don’t forget we still have our Facebook Page. I hope to have a link to it on our website soon.

As we have entered a time of uncertainty as to when we will get back to “normal,” I am learning quickly some new things about technology. I am working at it slowly, so please be patient as we move through all this “new stuff” together. I will probably screw up often, but believe me it is with all best intentions that I do mess up – so that we can better communicate with one another as this virus has taken over for some time.

But remember to be diligent in social distancing, washing hands and touching face, eyes, or mouth. Also when you have to sneeze, cough, or even burrrrp, use the face in the elbow method if you don’t have a tissue or handkerchief.

Most of all, just be careful! We are looking forward to when we can all get back together.

By the way, if you have something we need to advertise of publish, etc. please let me know and after review, we might even put it up on a Blog here Online!

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